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Center City Crime Victim Services brings to you a LGBTQ Victim Advocate position. See below information on how to apply!

News and Updates: 

CCCVS Press Release

Center City Crime Victim Services is proud to announce they have created a full time position for a Victim Advocate who will serve all LGBTQ crime victims within the City of Philadelphia.  Understanding the varied concerns facing LGBT crime victims, the LGBTQ Victim Advocate will serve to foster a sense of safety and support for victims that face complex barriers to reporting crime and participating in the criminal justice process.  In addition to serving individual victims, the LGBTQ Victim Advocate will work to establish greater awareness and education surrounding the rights of all crime victims in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Through serving the crime victims of Center City, we are critically aware of the impact crime has on the LGBT community.  In an effort to increase reporting and ease the complex concerns of crime victims, we are seeking to hire a Victim Advocate that work directly with the community.  Through community outreach and education in conjunction with individual services, we are seeking to educate and empower LGBT victims of crime.  Specific Victim Advocate (LGBTQ) Responsibilities include: 

·         Outreach to the LGBTQ community by attending community meetings, visiting community centers and networking with existing service providers to find/access LGBTQ crime victims.

 ·         Educate the LGBTQ community by increasing awareness of CCCVS, its services and the rights of crime victims on an individual basis and through group presentations on victims’ rights with local organizations targeting the LBGTQ community.

 ·         Attend preliminary hearings at the Criminal Justice Center (on a rotating basis with other CCCVS Staff) to provide support and information to all victims and witnesses, including crime victim orientation and assistance to victims in cases of intimidation. 

 ·         Provide follow-up support and information including information on the status of a case as it moves through the criminal justice system, referrals for services such as counseling, and accompaniment to trial and sentencing, if requested.

 ·         Assist victims in determining possible eligibility for Victims Compensation Assistance Program, and, if appropriate, assist victims in completing and filing VCAP applications.

 ·         Assist in reviewing the Part One sheets on a weekly basis to identify new crime victims, contact these victims by letter or by telephone to determine which support services they need, and check with police Victim Assistance Officers (VAOs) for further information.

 ·         Work with other service providers to advocate for crime victims.  Examples of other services providers include hospital billing, insurance providers, creditors and the Social Security Administration. 

 ·         Provide home or hospital visits, where appropriate, for clients who cannot come into the CCCVS office.

 ·         Maintain positive contact and working relationships with the District Attorney's Office, the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs and other agencies serving the LGBTQ community.

 ·         Maintain client files and data, entering client and service data into the CCCVS database regularly.

 ·         Assist in writing CCCVS’s newsletter.

 ·         Assist in updating and managing CCCVS website and social media/networking with information that is pertinent to the needs and interests of the CCCVS client base.

 ·         Assist in fundraising as needed.

 “We are thrilled to be able to serve the entire LGBT community here in Philadelphia through specialized advocacy within Center City Crime Victim Services,” said Executive Director Sherry Hunter.  “Through representation of victims and extensive partnerships, we are acutely aware of the need for this particularized position and have been working for several years to generate the necessary funds to create the full time opportunity.  Through collaborative efforts with the Office of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia, we are looking to increase crime reporting, educate community members and provide services, both directly and through referrals amongst the LGBT community.”

“Here in our city and nationwide, LGBT individuals are too often the victims of violent crime. We understand that there are many barriers to the LGBT community reporting crime and complex concerns faced by victims as they move through the criminal justice system.   From working to create a police department that respectfully serves and protects LGBT individuals to fostering partnerships between the community and law enforcement, we are responding to this unacceptable violence on many fronts and the new Victim Advocate will help us in this work,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter.  “I am thrilled that Philadelphia will have a full-time victim advocate to address the specific and diverse needs of the LGBT community by providing services to victims.  Our Office of LGBT Affairs will work closely with the new Victim Advocate to cultivate this invaluable partnership for our LGBT community.” 



Cover Letter and Resumes should be submitted to Center City Crime Victim Services, 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320, Philadelphia, PA  19107.  All submissions must be received by *August 31, 2015 for consideration.


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